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"The Key to Black Creek" in Northern Nights (forthcoming)

"Take One, Leave One" on the Creepy Podcast -- March, 2024

"Mother's Day" in Brilliant Flash Fiction -- January, 2024

"Inner Dark" in The Deeps #1 -- May, 2023

"The Other Door" in The Ghastling #17 -- April, 2023

"Who Do You Think It Is If It Isn't Me?" in Flash Frog -- April, 2023

"Farrow" in Weird Horror #6 -- March, 2023

Night Bus” in Air/Light -- February, 2023

"View-Master" in The Dark Door #3 -- February, 2023

"The Marksman" in The Four-Faced Liar #1 -- December, 2022

"The Whereabouts of Abel Crane" in Uncharted -- October, 2022

“In Memory” in On Spec #121 -- October, 2022

“The Only Side We Can See” in The Literary Hatchet #31 -- May, 2022

"The Different Face" in The Vanishing Point #3 -- April, 2022; also available on the Nocturnal Transmissions podcast

"The Cemetery's Reflection" in Dark Recesses Press -- March, 2022

“Vivian’s First Secret” in Metastellar -- February, 2022 

“The Appointed” in Grim & Gilded -- January, 2022 

“Nowhere” in Every Day Fiction -- November, 2021 

Rarely Pure and Never Simple” in Lucent Dreaming #10

“Witness” in Flash Frog -- November, 2021 

The Departure” in Curiouser #2 -- November, 2021

“Nothing to Look At, Nothing to See” featured story of the month in Short Fiction: The Visual Literary Journal -- February, 2021 

“Heaven Unearthed” in the Mysterium Tremendum chapbook series; also available on the Nocturnal Transmissions podcast  

“Winter” on the Nocturnal Transmissions podcast 

“Culmination” in Island Writer Magazine

“Chicken House” in Pandemic Publications 

“The Blinking Man” on the NoSleep Podcast

“The Awful Tale of a Harmless Boy” in Flash Fiction Magazine -- June, 2020 

“The Tenant” on the Tales to Terrify podcast -- February, 2019 

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